Time Pop

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TIME POP is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to time travel and the universes in which it inhabits. Ari Scott, and Des discuss the rules of time travel in a particular world and the holes it creates within its realm. We then jump into the fourth dimension and reveal how we would utilize this particular version of time travel and the havoc we would wreak on ourselves and the innocents surrounding us. Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Castbox, Stitcher and more!

Send your questions, comments, and film suggestions to timepoppod@gmail.com

Time Pop: The Time Travel Movie Podcast

Join Des, Ari, and Scott as we guide you through the experience of time travel using pop culture as our Constant. Please listen, enjoy, rate, review and come back for more time traveling high-jinx. Want to join the conversation, send your questions, comments, or movie recommendations to timepoppod@gmail.com