The Best Time Travel Movies by Time Pop

Welcome Chrononauts to Time Pop: The Time Travel Movie Podcast Top Ten Lists. That’s right, plural; Ari, Scott, and Des have all made their own Time Travel Movie Top Ten List, and they are each unique and AWESOME! I highly recommend you check out Time Pop Season 3, Episode 22, and listen to us all defend our list. Then, watch these movies and enjoy our past discussions about the film. And, THEN, write to us to tell us why we are right or wrong and we will add your comments to an upcoming episode of Time Pop. AND THEN tell us what Time Travel movie you want us to talk about next. 

1InterstellarInterstellarBack to the Future II
2TenetBack to the FuturePrimer
3Back to the Future 1/2PredestinationPredestination
5LooperBack to the Future IITenet
6Men In Black 312 MonkeysParadox
7The Time Machine (2002)Donnie DarkoThe Infinite Man
8Groundhog DayAvengers: EndgamesTimecrimes
9FrequencyThe Butterfly EffectInterstellar
10Hot Tub Time MachinePrimerTime Lapse
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