We Mixed It LLC. Engineer Rates

You do the talking, I’ll make it sing!

Have an idea for a podcast, but don’t know what to do once you turn the mics off. Send me your audio and I will edit it to your specifications, including intro/outro music, contact info, etc. Please contact me for a free consultation and I can also help you set up your home recording studio for maximum results. All podcasts showcased on this website have been mixed and edited by me. I remove ums, long pauses, mistakes, retakes, sharp breaths, etc. I then mix and master audio to ensure all participants sound like they belong on the same track even if recording continents apart.


All pricing is based on the amount of raw synced audio submitted. Prices are based on a 1-3 person podcast, a $20.00 flat rate will be added for all participants >3.

0-30 minutes

30-60 minutes

61-120 minutes

At this time I am only available to engineer recordings virtually. If you would like to have me “present” while you work out your recording kinks, I would be happy to help. Engineering sessions only available in 1 hour increments.

Virtual Engineer