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Sounds Awesome is a network of podcasts and other projects that Sound Awesome. 

All The Answers, a new show from Katie Rubin and Cassidy Brown! This is a great new show hosted by two awesome actor/comedians/smart people Released Every Saturday. They chat, they joke, they answer all the questions. The record keepers have answers. Who are the record keepers? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Truth Not Trends, is joining forces with Sounds Awesome. A science based fitness show hosted by two great strength trainers, Liam Bauer has been in the game for over 30 years and Jesse Schmidt has been dedicated to the process for over 3 years. You will hear from them every other Monday. This show joins us at episode #58, if your an old friend of the show or just hearing about it now, get on board.

Time Pop, a wonderful show dedicated to time travel movies. Every other Wednesday Ariele Galah and Desmond McNeese discuss time travel as it exists in a particular universe.

Apocalypse Now, a timely new movie podcast dedicated to films about society going through a rough patch (kinda like the one we are currently living through). Scott Lifton, Calum Grant, and Desmond McNeese watch an “Apocalypse” movie, discuss it, and relate it to our present-day. This show will release every Friday, just in time for a weekend movie night, Cuz Ya Never Know?!

Rotten Popcorn, another great movie podcast, not currently releasing new episodes, but that is the greatness of podcasts, listen on your schedule, not ours.  On this program Scott Lifton and Desmond McNeese discuss movies that have a vast difference between Critics and Audiences based on their Rotten Tomatoes ratings, loved or hated, acclaimed or chided, we will give these movies our 100% attention.

You can find all of these shows HERE, or wherever you listen to fine, free podcasts.

Enjoy these shows, watch along, listen together, socialize, and Stay Tuned for more content that Sounds Awesome! Thanks for listening!!!!


69: Whee! All The Answers

Featuring Chris Haden from the podcast “Kindred Spirits: An Enneagram Podcast”, Katies Episode is on its way!!  Katie & Cassidy express delight, excitement, or exhilaration at the caring, joyous, or excitement of sixty-nine!  To Vax or Not To Vax?  A Little Ditty about John and Shandra?  Align and Agree?  Chris talks about his journey towards Christianity.  Are you The Divine, or its CoPilot?  To Know Thyself is to Love Thy Lord?  80:00 – Akoshik/Meditation/Prayer – Katie gets an extra blast of Christ Light. Chris asks for a little anxiety relief. Chris is given the advice to Rock out with his God out!  FB/IG/T @allanswerspod  Send your questions to, allanswerspod@gmail.com, maybe we’ll answer your question, maybe we’ll just get you on the show to ask it yourself.  Katie Rubin .com  Join the facebook community for great conversations with like minded individuals.  Thanks for the listens and support, Please Rate/Review and tell a friend. 
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